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My wife was involved in a car accident on 2/25/13. It is now 3/24/13 and we still don't have our car back.

It wasn't even damaged that badly. We probably could have drove it home just by changing out the tire. I've been paying my premiums for over 3 years now (full coverage) and all I get from pronto agents is the run-around. I haven't even been able to get my adjuster (Amy Villareal) to call me back.

Our van is supposedly gonna be ready tomorrow, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I am very unsatisfied with prontos service and I wouldn't recommend pronto to my worst enemy.

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #628100

I agree, I've had to file claims with them, each time almost 90 days to get my vehicle back! I had an accident on 15MAR, and the only thing I've seem is the appraise, no word on when to take my car to the shop, which I refuse to do this time due to their hurry up and wait period, and each time the repair facility readjust the estimates the game starts all over.

Worst part this time involved another vehicle, may be 6 months due to that fact.

This time I will be changing carriers, for the extra I "think" I save I pay for when filing a claim. :(

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