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Update by user Jun 29, 2016

It is 06/29/2016. The claim was "resolved" meaning I agreed to the number that they through out there with a take it or leave it on 05/12/16.

I still have not received a settlement check from Pronto Insurance. They have not responded to any email in more than a week. Texas Department of Insurance has been a peach!

They haven't even looked at the online complaint....Good luck folks. As I said in my first review, ALWAYS ALWAYS get an attorney when dealing with this insurance company.

Original review posted by user May 12, 2016

I was in an accident with a pronto insured on 04/30/16. She pulled into the turn lane I was in and to avoid a head-on collision, I swerved into oncoming traffic and she plowed into the entire right side of my vehicle. I was 10 feet from the intersection (this will be important later). She was driving completely in the turn lane.

My vehicle was totaled. The original adjuster said that because it's totaled, he would have to send the claim to a total loss adjuster. That was on 05.06.16. I've left six voicemail's with Belinda Sierra x5156 at Pronto Insurance in the previous four days and haven't gotten a response to my total loss claim. In the mean time, the first adjuster sent a release via email that states, for the sum of $500.00, I release "any and all" claims in relation to this accident.

Yesterday, I received the attached email from my original adjuster. It basically states: we looked at the police report and decided because you were turning, in the turn lane, we feel that you are 20% at fault.

Full text:

From: Ricardo de Queiroz

2:06 PM (23 hours ago)

I am sending this email because after reviewing the Police Report, me and my supervisor came to an understanding that we are the proximate cause of the accident, but not a 100%. According to the Police Report you were "driving on the turning lane prior the opening in the lanes allowing vehicle to turn North". Vehicles are not supposed to drive on the middle turning lane, it is just for the vehicle to get in it when to make a turn. For that reason we will apply a 20% deduction on the amount we will be paying you. The total loss adjuster will be letting you know about the amount.

Thank you,

Have a good day.

I was in the turn lane to make a turn, blinker on, 10 feet from the intersection, so I'm not sure how I'm at fault in any way there.

If I had to give anyone advice about dealing with Pronto Insurance, I would tell them to call a car crash attorney in their area before they even file the claim.

I wish I had.

I will be forwarding my complaint to TDI, but don't really expect anything other than to be screwed around by Pronto Insurance.

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