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I was in a wreck back in April 2,2011 now its August 15,2011 and when I called to see how my claim was doing they said It was "too" expensive to fix the vehicle they gave me original estimate of 1400 to fix it, for a 2000 ford focus custom kameleon pink paint job, with 18' chrome rims.Then they stated they would only pay 1600 for the whole vehicle as is to total it!

then their employee called the body shop and said I had authorized the repair! When I called the supervisor he called me 'ignorant' '***' that he wouldn't have a conversation with someone so idiotic as me, that is no way to speak to an Actual College graduate not some *** they get off of high school! PLEASE IF YOU GET IN A WRECK AND THE OTHER PERSON HAS PRONTO! GET A LAWYER ASAP!!!

as soon as I was off that phone call I called my lawyer in tears!This insurance should get sued big for harassing their claimants especially since we aren't the customer they do as they please.

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That is the most terrible thing I have ever heard !!!!!!!I hope that you got your car fixed properly!!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot believe they spoke to you like that! I was a Pronto customer and they spoke to me as though they did not believe me ! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh


hehehe....CaptainObvious, you are here are again pissed and angry and ***...

such a pity that I don't have more time to read your *** comments CaptainObvious....

CaptainObvious = mental case


read everything you sign when you buy car insurance. The company by law should only pay to cover your car to the way it was before the accident. Custom paint or not, they have to pay, of course minus the deductible.

Now saying insulting things about customers is unprofessional.

Captain Obvious: you can buy a self study guide and become and insurance agent. Even a homeless can become an insurance agent.


Easy there captain *******.She said from an actual college, not from a college bearing that name.

It seems you are just insulting her instead of informing her. Not everyone has an understanding of how auto insurance works and college doesn't usually teach those topics or similar topics ie. filing taxes or ordering from a fast food place. Her concern was legit.

She didn't belong to that insurance company so being treated like *** by them is extremely demeaning and unnecessary. That person in position is supposedly in charge due to efficiency and most importantly, knowing how to have proper etiquette in costumer relations. Apparently where you were probably brought up or work at (pronto), you have no clue as to what that means. This company is the same type, if not the same company, as AMCO and only leaches off drivers that are forced to have the minimum in auto insurance and usually doesn't pay off when the time comes.

Maybe state legislature should not only impose mandatory auto insurance but efficiently regulate bad ones.Maybe then we as the consumer can start being treated as such and we won't have to listen to arrogant ******** like you Captain numbnuts.

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